Huawei Honor AP007 Power Bank Review and Unboxing

Huawei Honor AP007 Power Bank


In this era of technology more and more high specs for smartphones come with power hungry batteries.  To meet the increasing demand for power banks or portable battery chargers, more  companies launch different designs and features.

The Huawei Honor AP007 Power Bank comes with a 13000 mAh Lithium Ion Cells Battery. As with most of the power banks it has its pros and cons. After using the power bank  for 4 days here are my impressions.


What is on the Box and Material Build.

First thing you will notice on the box is the QR code for authenticity. It is very important if you are going to buy a product to make sure it is original by scanning the QR code to prove it is genuine or not and avoid being fooled by the seller or supplier of the item.

Inside the box you will find an Honor AP007 Power Bank and a micro USB charger (charger unit not included). The USB charger unit is shorter in length but made of quality material.


The Honor AP007 power bank case is a textured aluminum casing with curves on both sides.

It is quite thicker than the ASUS Zen Power or the Xiaomi Mi, but due to the fact it is quite bulky and heavy it comes with beefy battery capacity.

The Huawei Honor AP007 used LG Lithium Ion Cells.

The power bank houses 2 USB ports for power out (5V-2A Power Output) and 1 micro USB port for power in, a blue for LED lights for battery power life indicator and a power button.

Huawei says the AP007 has gone through rigorous reliability tests, including the 1m height drop test, the vibration test and the shock test, the salt spray test and the shell pressure test.

If you are concerned the metallic finish might be get scratched, you can wrap it with Dbrand Skins, Stickers or Simply slip in on cloth pouch .

Hardware specification:

Product weight: 0.342 kg

Package weight: 0.405 kg

Product size (L x W x H) : 11.70 x 7.60 x 2.30 cm / 4.60 x 2.99 x 0.90 inches

Package size (L x W x H): 15.50 x 10.50 x 3.50 cm / 6.09 x 4.13 x 1.38 inches



The Honor Power Bank takes around twenty hours and seven minutes to get fully charged to 100% according to my test and offers 78% conversion rate, in other words it can give around 10, 140 mAh actual battery life in use. Most of the power bank have this conversion rate.

For the Phone charging time it takes two hours and ten minutes to get fully charged to 100% on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has 3,220 mAh battery capacity.

The Honor Power Bank can fully charge a Phone device three times (3,220mAh devices).

The 5V-2A power output can charge more quickly than others. The only lack of the device is the quick or rapid charge support for a more fast charging time.

But if you are concern that the Honor Power Bank battery will drain when charging the phone overtime, no worries as it comes with Power Saving mode with auto-shut down once the battery reaches 100%.

Another way to conserve your battery life on your device is to press the Power Button for 6 seconds. It will automatically shut off. Or you can unplug the USB cable from the USB output slot..

Please note: The Phone device will not fully charge whilst in use (e.g playing games or web surfing). But if you just let it charge it will give you significant battery power.

As with all the power banks it feels a little toasty in use which is normal but on the Honor Power Bank it is not as hot compared to other Power Bank Devices that I tried.


Over all the Huawei Honor Power Bank AP007 is a great deal for your budget plus it contains extra mAh for the same price range vs competitive Power Bank’s. Even though it is difficult to slip inside one’s pocket it will give you a more reliable in Need for Power.

It is available in Huawei Concept stores in the country for PHP 995 and on Lazada it is available for PHP 1,190 but if you’re lucky enough to get a discount for PHP 250 (via NewsLetter or Random Voucher) it will give you more saving plus with free shipping for PHP 1000 and above items.


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