Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Update.


We already heard about the Lollipop Update in the United States and other selected countries early of this year. It is sad for other Note 4 users that did not get the a early Lollipop Update with me included.

Now it seems that Samsung is ready to speed up the process with the Note 4 users in Brazil, India, The Baltic Counties and Malaysia. (still pending in the Phillippine’s , Och).

According to SamMobile reports that for now Lollipop is about to advertise two models which is SM-N910C and the SM-N910G.

The OTA will arrive soon to other regions as well. Baltic’s, Brazil, Bulgaria, the Caucasus counties, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Arab Emirates already rolled out the Lollipop update.

To check manually for the Lollipop update, go to Settings>About phone>Software updates. Please Note that the update is about 1GB and for the unlocked devices may get the update ahead of the carrier-branded models.


Once the Lollipop hits on the Note 4 new notification style, lock screen notifications, recent activities and improved batter life and performance and as well as a number of smaller visual changes will be seen.


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