Whatapp’s New Calling Feature

When I open my phone and hit Whatsapp, I have noticed some hanges on the UI (User Interface). A new Call Feature, which is  a nice surprise and one I have been waiting for.

Update to Whatsapp v.2.12.5 which is available only on Android. With the version update their will be a changes on the UI to Call, Chats and Contact Tabs.

The APK installer from the Whatsapp’s site is also available for download.

CallFeatureone CallFeaturetwo CallFeaturethree

To make a call, tap the “New call” Icon at the top of your screen or you can go to chats tab and select a contact and tap the Phone or Call Icon.

For the iOS devices the feature will be available in the coming weeks according to Brian Acton, Whatsapp’s co-founder.

From my experience, it works really well on Wifi and also 3G and LTE networks. Another big leap from the Whatsapp team and I hope that in the near future there will be another update with be a Video calling feature.


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