The Rise of Nokia



When Microsoft bought Nokia everyone thought this would be the end of the Legendary Phone Manufacturer. As the months progressed Nokia planning to license its brand, allowing third-party manufacturers to create products and devices that use the Nokia name.

Ramzi Haidamus, president of
Nokia technologies.
have a plan to leverage its own brand since
Microsoft brought/acquired its phone business.
Nokia is restricted applying its brand on
smartphones until the end of 2016 and feature
phones for another 10 years which the deal agree
with Microsoft, but it can use it elsewhere
freely. Haidamus quote Our goal to start licensing our brand in areas other than these two restricted areas, starting this quarter actually,
Nokia will use the brand “
in the areas that we can and the areas where the brand is relevant.”

Now Nokia creating a new products and
technologies to license them out of the
third parties.
Haidamus notes that a product from a third-party “Will look and feel just like Nokia built it.”
The Nokia has a fast paced prototyping team.
that will build concept products and open
for demonstration directly to customers of course
with a goal to license the technologies involved.
Haidamus quote “We will consider taking those products directly to the consumer.”

Nokia have no plan to return to handsets itself,
but the company will license it’s name to a
smartphone manufacturer after Q4 of 2016.


Nokia @nokia

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