Nokia Z Launcher Beta


Nokia is back for more Innovation even though
selling its devices and services unit to
Microsoft for $7.2 billion. Nokia is
unveiling its Android tablet and license its brand name.
and aside of that one the mysterious black box on twitter.

Talking about Android tablet. Nokia which very

happy to announced that they have their own
Launcher that makes the consumer feel the
being simple and easy to use and elegant than
can stand out the crowed of launcher out of
the Google Play store.

The Nokia Z Launcher is a free beta version
on Google Play. which is you can launch your
apps by Scribble a letter to find the app or contact you’re looking for
instead of wading through the app drawer.

At its core, the apps is just very simple and the lost of the apps
names and their icons that sit on home screen,
with a clock and calendar that is on the top.
Google’s usual apps stay located on the bottom.
You can also see a list of apps you can screen though
alphabetical order.Instead of going after
folders, Nokia went after the first thing
people see when they unlock their phone — the home screen.
The only missing
currently are any support for widgets which
including the Google’s search bar but
it might not be permanently like that.

Those choices for which six apps or contacts get shown at any given time are made using a number of attributes.
Includes time of the day it is, phone ‘s location and recent call based on your phone’s call logs.
overtime the app is also able to better guess what you can do based on usage history.
The company use the MyScript for handwriting recognition.
The advantage of MyScript it you can jot one
or more letter at once or in succession and
you can swipe back if you want to remove
what you’ve written.

Since this Product under the Beta Stage expected few bugs
and problem to download the app.
The Z Launcher is currently available in the Google Play Stores in the US and EU countries.
But if still your unable to access the Z Launcher through Google Play, you
can still download the Z launcher at

The Z launcher is currently available on
the following devices.

  • Nexus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

Their will be more updates and support for the Android Handsets


For the Microsoft “ Nokia X”

The pre-beta release is intended for a selection of fully supported devices. We’re exploring support for a broader range of devices so please stay tuned.

Note, in May 2014 Nokia completed the sale of its devices business to Microsoft. While the Nokia X bears the Nokia name, it does so under a temporary brand licensing agreement and is a product of Microsoft, not Nokia

Installing on a Rooted device will not work
and outside the scope of the pre-beta.

Z Launcher FAQ Article quote “At this time, we do not plan to include them, but will keep this open for the future as we recognize many people are using them. “

For more FAQ information use the link below.
Brook Eaton(Lead Product Manager) quoted “the lead product manager of Nokia’s emerging platforms group says the idea for Z Launcher stemmed
from the company’s research”



Introducing Z Launcher from Nokia Z Launcher on Vimeo.


SOURCE: Nokia Z Launcher, Google Play, PocketNow


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