Sony Smart Watch 2 Review and Unboxing

As of this generation everything is getting more advance in terms of technology. For example a watch way back years ago but now the watch isn’t that simply show the time but as well as making calls, receive messages, view emails, capture a images and other else. Some people are not that kind of ready but few take advance on it.


The first smart watch release on the market is the Sony Smart Watch a first proto type of the Smart Watch.  After a year Sony decided to reveal their 2nd and more improve Smart Watch that feel more delighted for the Sony fans.

The Sony Smart Watch 2 is the successor of the Sony Smart Watch first generation.

Compare to the the SW1, The SW2 Enhance Premium look(aluminium (body)), Water resistant IP57 and Scratch-resistant with One-touch NFC for fast connection and traditional Bluetooth 3.0 connection.

The LCD is 16” 220×176 Pixel.

Apps/plugins ready-to-go

  • Call handling (answer*, reject, mute, volume handling)
  • Missed call notification
  • Email**
  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Music remote extension/music handling
  • Calendar
  • Slideshow
  • Walkmate
  • Runtastic
  • Calendar reminder

The Battery life for Normal usage, 3-4 days (watch always on) and Low usage 7 days (watch always on). The Battery is equipment with Polymer Batter same as the battery packs on smart phones.

It works on all Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and later either NFC or Bluetooth 3.0 connection.

On the box it comes with Documentation, Micro USB charger, Wrist strap and Smart watch 2 SW2.

You can use the watch as your portable music player that mirror you music from your phone.

It is also available on 3 types of straps. the Silicon Straps comes with different colors, the Metal straps and the Leather straps

For the people who love active life style it comes with Runtastic application.


For Start up Guide

You need to charge approximately 30 minutes before you use.

Go to the Google Play Store and download the Smart Watch Notification center or Extension. The smart watch notification center  allows you to control your Smart Watch 2 features like Gmail, Sms Notification’s, Watch UI(User Interface) and lot more. When you download a application you need to download it via Google Play store and install it to your phone.

When receiving text message it vibrates and show the message for few seconds and then it will go back to the clock with dim light.

You can use the swipe gestures to see the applications and for the notification you can use the drawer gesture or swipe down gesture.

There is some glitch on the smart watch and also depends between your watch and the mobile devices that you have. It takes time to load sometimes but if you going to refresh your both devices by power cycle it does do the trick.

Few applications are free on the Google Store but hoping that their will be a lot of free applications compare for the one have a price and especially that does not require a real time sync between devices. Which I mean a built in Applications.

About the Smart Watch face clocks. They are good design but I recommend also to add more face clocks for better user experience.


Over all the Sony Smart watch is good deal for those in budget and starters that want to experience the Advance Clock or Smart Watch features. If you more on gesture touch and colored screen I recommend this product. Another counterpart products for the same price is the Pebble Watch but disadvantage is that it is not a colored screen but it has a same IP57 feature. But if you spear budget I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Gear but the problem is that it last for shorter period of time.  The cost of the Smart Watch is around 8000PHP or $175 and 107.37 GBP but much better in or in any shopping website.


For any Questions, Recommendations and other Reactions just feel free send me message or post your message below.


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