Ubuntu mobile the world first A9 chip inside

i am surprise about this news well i am kind of belated on this issue haha… but upon reading the review i was super wow on the introduction…. according to some bloggers “

As already teased and promised, today Canonical is taking the wraps off the mobile version of Ubuntu, which is built around the existing Android kernel and drivers, but doesn’t use a Java Virtual Machine and promises to use “the full power of the phone.” Supporting both ARM and x86 processors, the Ubuntu phone OS will be compatible enough to let Android phone makers run it on their devices with minimal adaptation.

Ubuntu for Android, announced in February of last year, will be the first step to getting this new ecosystem out to shipping devices, which Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth says will definitely arrive at some point during this year. While no carrier or manufacturer support has yet been announced, the first Ubuntu for Android handset should be provided by a “high-end” Android device maker.” BAM! who will be drooling on this super processor for multi heavy users.

For the specs and other great feature use the link below.  Also they do have mid range phone for the starters.



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