Arrows Z

A powerful smartphone equip with quad core CPUs high speed phone and all in one spec dust and water proof phone.20120717_02al.21ab8131218.w640


This model not only has four core CPUs which are the brain of a smartphone, but also achieves power saving. You can enjoy experiencing its spectacular graphics, using a 13.1 megapixel camera, and viewing HD movies smoothly. It has a fingerprint authentication function, security functions including the privacy mode, and useful dictionary functions.

The device also features a 4.6″ large-screen HD LCD, DLNA connectivity, and is water- and dust-resistant. The Arrow Z  ISW13F will be available in Japan beginning July 20. Pricing has not been announced yet.

This smartphone in japan is one of the pride brand of japan and more secure and easy access in your phone rather than face unlock recognition. The price probably more or less like the Samsung Galaxy III hope it will release soon in some part Asia.

Product Introduction:

Quad Core CPU "NVIDIA® Tegra® 3"

quad core tegra 3In addition to four high-performance CPUs, this model has “power-saving cores” to save battery life. Through collaboration with 12-core GPU, it displays even high-quality graphics smoothly.


New human centric engine

This model automatically adjusts text size, sound volume, color and aspect of the display hcedepending on scenes. In addition, it is equipped with the high sensitivity touch panel which predicts the movement of the user’s finger and then enables smooth operations.



Smart fingerprint sensor

sensor fingerEquipped with the safety fingerprint sensor with a button. As neither password nor unlock pattern is required, it is easily unlocked. You can easily switch to the “Privacy mode®” by using this button




High-resolution &  high sensitivity camera with approximately 13.1 million pixels

With the back-illuminated CMOS sensor and image processing engine, both still images pixelsand movies can be shot in high definition. It is also equipped with various functions equivalent to those of digital cameras.




  • Includes a large capacity 1800 mAh battery.
  • Approx. 4.6-inch HD LCD to allow you to enjoy various contents on an impressive large screen.
  • Dictionary functions, such as Kojien and English-Japanese dictionary, useful in various scenes.
  • Supports +WiMAX maximum downlink speed of 40 Mbps [1] and Wi-Fi tethering.

logo: +WiMAX

  • IPX5/IPX8 waterproof performance and IP5X dustproof performance. Also supports 1Seg, Osaifu-Keitai®, and infrared communication.
  • “NX!comfort UI” to enable intuitive operations.
  • Fujitsu’s original email app “NX! mail”
  • “FM transmitter” to allow you to enjoy more expressive sound in a car and the like.
  • [1] As the WiMAX service is provided based on the best-effort method, the communication speed may significantly decrease due to the influences of the communication environment and traffic conditions. Supports maximum uplink speed of 15.4Mbps. In au service areas outside of the WiMAX area, the service is provided through CDMA communications with the max downlink speed of 9.2 Mbps and the max uplink speed of 5.5 Mbps. These maximum communication speeds are not the actual speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards.

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