Tips in purchasing right mobile phone for you

Now a days there is a lot of mobile phones

that has different features and also form factor beside of it the prince ranges. it is confusing right?

so what a consumer should consider in buying a mobile phone, I will share what are the tools in choose a

right mobile phone for you…

Features to Consider

When you’re shopping for a phone, you can do some simple hands-on tests in the store to make sure that

the handset has everything you need.

1. Call quality:CBR001168

What good is a phone if it can’t make calls? check the phone if it is able to hear other end user, some mobile phones have a crystal clear voice feature and some fancy smartphones offer dismal calling.

2. Design:

Your choices range from phones with large touchscreens to slider-style handsets with full-QWERTY keyboards. Whichever type of phone you choose, check it’s ergonomics. Is it comfortable to hold against your ear, and can you hear callers without constant adjustment? can you make a call one-handed?

Consider hands-free use: Can you comfortably hold the phone to your ear by scrunching your neck and shoulder? Could it fit in your pocket? also if it is durable enough to handle some roughing up as well as little bit of moisture and short-range drop. Also consider to buy a case of screen protector for you phone if you think your accident-prone.

3. Operating system:


If you’re looking to do more than make calls and send text messages with your phone,

consider the platform on which it runs. The mobile phone operating system you choose, will affect your phone capability. There is five different mobile platforms these are: Android (found in different devices) iOS(found only on iPhone)Windows Phone(found in different devices)Blackberry(business and social oriented found in various designs) and Symbian. Each of these mobile OS has different pro and cons, so consider your self to be familiarize with all platforms before settling on one.

4. Display:

If you intend do a lot of Web browsing or movie streaming, make sure that the screen is usuper-amoledp to snuff. Is it big enough for you to take full advantage of the phone’s features? If you’re going to surf the Web or edit office documents on your phone, a screen that measures less than 3 inches diagonally will feel cramped.

Consider also the screen resolution, the higher the screen resolution is the better. this also important factor if you like to watch videos and viewing photo’s.

Also if the phone has a AMOLED displays perform well in sunlight but many people think the color look oversaturated. qHD displays (whose resolution is one-quarter of a full-HD 1080p frame and three-quarters of a 720p frame) generally look the best in video playback and games.

Also consider the screen contrast and backlight adjustment is important. If your phone allows you to adjust contrast and brightness, you can make text and graphics more easily viewable in well-lit places, and you can also save battery life in a pinch.

5. 3.2G/3G/LTE/WiMax/4G support and availability:

In choosing a mobile phone it is also consider the network

types of your phone capable of. there is 5 types of network might available in your mobile, depends what type of mobile you will planning to purchase. 2G is voice and text, 3G is voice, text and Internet, 4G is broadband (good for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, students, housewives and all others who want or need high-speed broadband but don’t have as much time to get connected at home.) and there are multiple standards such as HSPA+, WiMax and LTE. These better technologies provide a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed.

Reminder depends which area you are sometimes the 4g and LTE or WiMax is not available in particular areas in Philippines but there are 3G and HSPDA in some cities which you could surf with few latency in download and uploading data. so make sure you phone has capable in these kind of network.

6. Camera:

If your like take a lot photos with your phone. you should pay attention on the camera
specs. The 2MP(megapixel) could be found in low range of phone so don’t expect you will produce a better
quality and big size photo, 3MP and 5MP is not pretty much the standard in Midrange Phone and decent size

of photo,some phones ship with 8, 12 or 41 megapixel camera which is categorize in high range smart phone

and able to produce a good quality type of photo without much noise and blurry. But a higher megapixel

count doesn’t necessarily mean a better camera. Verify that the phone camera you’re interested in has a flash–dual-LED or Xenon flashes work the best–or else any pictures you attempt to take indoors or at

night will come out looking like blurry messes. Try to take a few pictures in the store to get a good

idea of the camera’s photo quality.Most common in smartphones cameras is the ability to have a video-

capture capabilities. high-end phones can capture a 1080P HD video.If video is your thing, make sure that

the OS provides an easy way to upload your videos to services such as Facebook or YouTube.
Lastly common to the smartphones have a front facing camera. it is good also for making
video calls, etc.

7. Processor speed(Ghz):

if your more on multi tasking like playing games in 3D graphics and
or making docs and mobile net surfing, the dual-core or quad-core with 1Ghz processor will 0a5ca__NVIDIA-Tegra-3-quad-core-mobile-processor-revealed-and-detailed-1239be
your best buddy and if your just average user these much faster Ghz(gigahertz) is not necessary. Aside of

these other factors–such as the version of software your phone is running(Windows 8 is faster than

Windows 7.8, for instance) and the speed of your network–contribute to speedy, fluid phone performance.

8.Battery Life:

There’s no easy way to predict how long a phone’s battery will last. The 4g phones have a

shorter battery life compare to the 3G phones. however, it depends on the user how much they do on their

phones. consider use less brightness in your mobile phone, turning off you Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, GPS or

other apps sucking up your phone battery life, if it is not in use try to close it or download a task

killer or battery-management apps that may alleviate some of the drainage. If your always away from home

or if there is no plug in charging available always carry some extra battery around or you can also buy a case of built-in wireless charger.

9. For those who like to purchase in Plan contracts phones consider these reminders:

The right Plan for you: While shopping for a new plan, be completely realistic about how you will use your phone.

If your phone carrier offer will let you send and receive calls anywhere in the country at
no extra charge. choose the call and text plan and if you want to surf at the same time you will have a option to add new service features in your plan. if you always travel abroad choose service with international roaming expect for costly plan. the important is that be more wiser in spending the minutes of call and internet surfing consuming. there are some data carriers offers a limit peak of use in your data plan and they will stop the service if you exceed on that plan. to avoid shock bill.

Some mobile carriers offers a how to’s avoid bill shock e.g Smart, Globe, and Sun mobile carriers.

For prepaid users

There is a unlimited call and text offers and internet suffering and Also consumable

call and text and data available in mobile carriers in the country.

10. Choosing the Right Mobile Carrier:

Before you start examining plans, find out whether you can get solid

coverage in your city, town, or area. As your neighbors, friends, or family what kind of mobile carrier

they use and the pro and cons of the network. You should also check the coverage for any other areas

where you spend a lot of time, such as your office or a friend’s or relative’s house. Also consider the

good quality of customer service of mobile carrier.

11. For those of who want to buy phone direct from the store remember this tips:Verizon Starts Selling Apple iPad Retail Stores FQTT87o4RQ3l

Best to buy if there is a discount events or if there is a free stuff or add ons in specific mobile

When dealing with store representatives, ask them to be as straightforward as possible. Ask what kind of

phone exactly you want or if you’re completely unsure, ask what phone they recommend or they use and also

what is the best phone this year.Don’t let them jump into a sales spiel, or else you’ll end up spending

way too much time in the store.
If you like buying a phone as a present. consult with the recipient first before you go shopping and

although it will ruin the surprise. bring them alone in your shopping trip.

Also consider hands-on on different mobiles phones before settling on one. ask the store representative

if you could check and play the phone.

Also be courteous to the store representatives if they are working during sales or holiday rush.

So always keep on mind be contented on the phone you choose and use it to very last…


Thank you for and for providing me helpful tools for research this idea…


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