Windows Phone and Nokia Technical Overview.

Shared Windows Core: Technical Overview



State-of-the-art Windows 8 Kernel Increased scalability (dual-core) and proven robustness.


Established driver ecosystem focus on one optimized drive better devices, faster (seamlessly battery performance).


Hardware-based security, never regret installing an app because it will not affect other application data or the system it self.

If you don’t like the app and you will plan to uninstall in your mobile system, it wont hurt your phone and it’s gone.

Your content also under your control (e.g photos, videos, music or contacts) when you share it, when you choose to share it and you let the apps you want to have access to it. access to it, access it and use it the way you choose .


IPV6( NFC( Near Field Communication), tap to share Improved Bluetooth.

*Graphics and Media:

Built on Direct3d Media Playback and Record Highest-fidelity experiences.

*Developer Platform:

Share more code in Windows and Windows Phone, include the Native code Same .Net engine(run also in desktop), Compile in the cloud (Enable when the developers, publish their applications to the market place the windows will compile the applications in the cloud to machine code and when the end user install that application, it will start faster and run faster. The Developers do not actually have to any work, the windows it self will do it after the developers submit their Applications in Market place).

Developer Platform

1. Native Code

Windows 8 now supports C native code and C++ code means big deal for the developers, enables the most amazing games (weather a casual games or full 3d Games most  are ready made of codes.)

Reasons why the developers do this:

a. They will have access in low-level API’s(Application programming interface) e.g Direct3d also can write high performance code for more the realistic Gameplay

b. The developers also have ability to use Gaming middleware mostly are written name of codes into the Phone Game engines or Library for physics, animations, or audio effects.

List of Gaming Middleware Partners Coming to Windows Phone 8:

1. HavokTM

2. Audiokinetic



Game publishers committed to Windows Phone 8:

1. Gameloft

2. Big Fish

3. Asphalt 7 Heat

4. NOVA 3

5. Fairway Solitaire

Native Code: Ease of Porting

Native code makes it easier to share code

1. Share common code between windows 8 and windows phone 8

2. Simplifies porting apps between iOS/Android

3.Take advantage of native Open Source Libraries


Sharing Native Code between windows 8 and windows phone 8

Shared C++ Component for Windows 8 App and Windows Phone 8 App

Shared Native API Set

1. Graphics 2. Audio 3. Media

4. File system 5. Networking 6. Input

7.Commerce 8.Base types 9.Sensors

Means the developers don’t need to change that code, they built it once and they fairly tested and they will get the vague on both platforms.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will have a SQLite(Cross-platform C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine.) basically the developer can take  SQLite engine. can use to windows 8  application and windows phone 8 application. It is downloadable @ and the developers can use it in both platforms.


2. Multitasking improvements

1. VoIP(Voice over IP) and Video Chat

Incoming VoIP(e.g skype) calls feel like any other call also support audio routing steamily compatible in different audio device using either Bluetooth or NFC. Also running in background while sending or check messages

2. Background Location

Allow for locations apps to continue running in the background

e.g Inrix features:

Live tile shows estimated arrival time, sharing to friends or family about live traffic updates via textmessage,

Conversations with apps e.g the apps will notify you if there is problem in traffic and the apps lets you choose or suggest an alternative route, and  ask you options to send message to your friend or family about the delay and the time you will arrive to your destination.

3. Speech Platform

The technical part of windows 8

a. Conversation with the apps

b Available to all developers

the Windows working with Audible for better service, enables for set command. like interactive with application. The Audible is available in Windows 7.5


Focus On Developers:

Maximizing Developer Investments

1. Compatibility

Windows Phone 7 apps will run on Windows Phone 8

2. Performance

Windows phone 7 and 8 apps will be compiled in the cloud

3. Convenience

Use visual studio 2012 to build windows 8 and win phone 7.5 and 8 apps



Developer Choice

One app model, three technology choices

1.XAML with C#/VB code

2.Native C++/C code

3. HTML5 browser control. (Based on IE10)

“developers can choose the right technologies for their app”

Also they could mix and match the codes they like… allows the developers to use right technology and for the right task inside of their application,  and means they don’t change the codes, they will pick and choose the technology that is right for them…

Developer Guidance

-Building an app for windows 8 and windows phone?

Choose one of these approaches/recommendation’s:

1.Apps (XAML with c#/VB code)

support .Net Engine that exist on Windows 8 easy to share for more .Net code C#/VB,  for UI recommend to optimize screen size for windows 8( large size) windows phone 8 (smaller or mobile size).

2.Games (direct 3d with C++/C code)

Building a mobile-ready website?
3. Websites (optimize for IE10 and design for mobile screen sizes)


Windows 8 is Enterprise Ready


1. Complete security Platform

(secure boot with Bit locker encryption)

2. Flexible App Distribution

(business controlled, each company/enterprise decides which applications and have their want on their store or to their employee’s, as well as how to distribute those applications, they can use Cloud Infrastructure and on Premises Internet Support only. It is completely up to each several every company.  )

3. Device Management

(enable integration with software management systems)


Company Hub (application)


A app allows each company to personalize experience for their employee’s , the company control the app and experience. the company can decide which applications to highlight and communicate.

Things to remember about windows phone 8

1. Better hardware, faster
2. Amazing games
3. Improving multitasking
4. Talk with your apps
5. More ways for devs to makes money
6. Enterprise ready

“Windows announce to download their SDK and attend their Windows Phone developer events, Later this summer”


Windows phone 8 will available in these following Mobile Company:

1. Nokia
2. Huawei
3. Samsung
4. HTC

Truly global, deeply local (50 lang. available in 180+ countries).



Software updates:

1. Updates over the air.( no Bluetooth or Wire/Cable to connect to you pc)
2. Devices are supported with updates for at least 18 months
3. Program lets registered enthusiasts get early access to updates before broad consumer push


Windows Phone 8 is a Modern smartphone platform:

  • New multicore chipset
  • New graphics processor
  • New modem architecture
  • More screens resolutions
  • Removable storage

Nokia Lumia Evolution

New generation hardware for windows 8 will unlock

1.Nokia play to

(share pictures music and videos wirelessly to your TV, Blu Ray player or Stereo


2.Nokia counters

(monitor usage of data, manage costs and set limits)

3.Nokia music 3.0

(a app that lets play you a great stream of music, interesting mixes, live gig finder, great mixes of music can be downloadable.)


4.Camera extras


-Action shot(burst mode to select best image.)


( guide you to have a better stich of images to produce a better panorama picture.)

-Smart group shot

help to solve a problem, when you take a picture of a group or bunch of people that somebody are eyes are close and you want to mash up the pictures.)

here how it works:

Captures series of images and then process these images to find faces and then analyzes the faces to pic the best expression for each person in the picture, finally it assembles all images into blend into a single image to capture the best out of everyone. only available on Lumia series.


5.Nokia maps, transport and drive

Nokia will bringing updates to all Three Core Navigation Applications, More personalize like Adding more place photos, place reviews and favorite synchronization.

Nokia Transit updating as well, features like Pin a location to the start menu, no matter where you are, you can click open and find the bus and trains  stations near you, including real time update tickets.

Nokia Drive features My Commute app, Navigation is useful when you do not know where you going. the Nokia Drives learn the driving habits of a user in few week, observes where the users drive and take different routers for their desire destination.

For example if the user went to work early and the users knows that he or she have time, he or she can choose to take a non faster route and the Nokia Drive analyze what exact time you will got in your to work place.




Recap: Windows Commitment to Windows Phone 7.5 Users

1. Microsoft will release a 7.8 update with the Windows Phone 8 start experience

2. OEM’s(Original Equipment Manufacturer)(Nokia) continue innovate on their devices with a great new experiences

3. 100,000+ apps for windows phone


“All in all Nokia and other Hardware partners will be hit in the market when the lunch time of windows phone 8, and a very dream come true for those who wait and envision of this kind of smartphone ever in history…  also I hope could make test review of this amazing phone ever built of windows  and own it….“

“please leave a comment, suggestion, and contribution in my article… don’t forget to share and give a thumbs up…..”


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