Windows Phone 7.8 and 8



The releasing of windows phone 8 will be in fall (middle of September to winter of December).

The windows phone 7 are more popular today and rapid blooming of this beautiful product.

One who prove that windows phone are popular top phones today. According to the amazon, seven windows phone products are belong in top 10 amazon best selling mobile devices.

In fact over 1.3 billion people are using windows 7 phones. Shows this is a well tested device.windowsphonedevsummit0131-600

Accelerates innovation:

For the consumer, they will have much greater choice in hardware. means wider range of  phone with capabilities and price points.

For the developers, there is called common shared cores developers who are working in windows 8 have incredible easy transition to windows phone, for the developers who done work for windows phone already could also easily move their apps to windows 8. in that kind of situation of situation everyone benefits better for consumers, developers, and windows phone hardware partners.

For the Hardware partners of Windows, in a particular benefits from the shared core, at the heart of shared core the kernel expose a driving model for many of the devices or components in a phone, sleek, laptop or pc when that code in common. Many of the companies that build those part have to author some software drivers for those part, can author those drivers one time.

Everyone could benefits in this innovation.

8 New Platform Announcementswindows phone 8 apollo - 1 - start screen a

1. Latest and Greatest Hardware, windows phone will support the latest core this fall

e.g muti-core chipsets. Windows shared kernel will be shipping in windows phone 8 has already been run on 64 core machine in windows desktop, pc’s and servers. means it is much better performance than single core previews windows mobile

1.2. Screen Resolutions

three screen resolution

WYGA 800×480 15:9

WXGA 1280×768 15:9

720p 1280×720 16:9

For smooth running and without modification in resolution.

1.3. Removable micro SD support

2. IE10 Smart Screen anti-phishing filter uses data from millions of Windows PCs to block malicious websites in real-time
4x faster JavaScript performance compared to we 7.5
2x html5 feat. support

Same technology in your desktop and sleek device same rendering.

3. Native Code: Killer Games
-Common platform for windows phone and windows

-Native game development platform based on DirectX

-Game developers can write the same game for Windows8 and Windows Phone.

Native code support portability much more easy for the developers who work a apps for Android and iOS to transfer their apps to Windows phone. Hoping the windows will encourage the developers to move their apps on windows phone.

4. Better sharing with NFC

For easy transfer of files in PCs and Sleek with NFC compatibility.

5. The Most Complete Wallet Experience.

-credit and debit cards
-loyalty and membership cards
-access saved deals
-supports NFC tap to pay

Replace the physical wallet that you might have in your pocket and that physical wallet does number of things it stores your credit and debit cards,  membership cards, coupons and etc. the wallet experience does that. It both integrate both 3rd party services in to the wallet experience when you install 3rd party apps so you will have one place to go to see your account balances, frequent fliers information, or to pull a coupon out to redeem it, integrates via 3rd party apps API, it also support secure NFC payments, so if you have phone  with an NFC chip built in. another method is a Secure Sims provide by your mobile operator if available in your country.

A SecureSim enable your phone to  be scan at the Point of Sale, so you can use those card in your wallet to make purchases and payments. For Example Google wallet enable secure NFC payments by putting a secure elements in the device. Unfortunate with that some mobile operators have chosen to remove the Google wallet, because the mobile operators want their self to provision those secure elements and enable their customers to maintain their secure payment instruments as they move to one phone to the next. The windows phone works with the mobile operators to deliver secure element on the Sims that will be different on Google model’s

The windows wallets provides integration with third party apps and services

Another feature for windows wallet phone 7.8 and 8 is the Wallet Hub all in all place of secure payment transactions.

6.Nokia Map Technology

*Great global NAVTEQ map data
*Offline map support
*Map control for developers
*Turn-by-turn directions

A much detail map technology and also a free downloadable map data.

7. Windows Phone 8 for Business

*Trusted shared windows core
*Encryption and Secure boot( proven bit locker technology for secure data)
*LOB app Deployment(the window phone 8 enables I.T admins to setup their own line of business apps deployment using whatever method they want and get out their end users)
*Device Management(I.T admins can use familiar device management technique and tools that they are already use today to manage Windows PCs to also manage Windows Phone like Office apps.)
*Familiar Office Apps

8.The Start Screen

The enhancement of live tiles.

more customizable tiles can set the live tiles in any size, expanding the size of apps revealing its live updates.

Here are companies will provide Windows Phone 8 devices
1. Nokia
2. Huawei
3. Samsung
4. HTC

In addition the Windows Phone Team did not mention yet what are the models but it will announce it in fall…

Another Promising Features are Software updates
1. Updates over the air.( no Bluetooth or wire to connect to you pc)
2. Devices are supported with updates for at least 18 months
3. Program lets registered enthusiasts get early access to updates before broad consumer push.

100,000 apps for windows phone

All in all Windows Phone 8 is a promising smartphone. That has first ever features will be love by the consumers and developers. This could be a new level up of Nokia and Windows Phone in the market

As for Windows Phone 7.5 to be upgrade into 7.8, will be a good start to experience what the some features for windows 8. as of now I advice for those who plan to buy a Windows Phone wait for Windows Phone 8 in fall it will be worth buying…

For more information about the Window Phone visit @


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