Nokia Belle

Intro Video:

Nokia Commercial Intro.

Nokia Symbian Anna been flag this past months giving the users a OS improvement on their past OS devices, Today Nokia lunch the Symbian Belle that give great OS upgrade than Anna which is available this quarter or in the next six weeks….

Belle will also be adding to the existing Symbian^3 devices, (N8, E6,E7, C6-01, C7, and X7) models but unfortunately these updates will be not coming out until this coming 4th quarter.  If this holds true, then it will be sometime into the year 2012 before all eligible devices get the new OS.

Same as Symbian Anna, The Symbian Belle has browser and email client and made the Symbian UI much more responsive. Belle is the long awaited Symbian user interface overhaul.


Symbian Anna Walkthrough

Belle Features:

  • Free-form, resizable, live widgets: No inflexible four item shortcut or launcher widget. But there is five sizes of widgets and each application can have its own launcher widget, same feature as the android and iOS.
  • More homescreens: the previous Symbian^3 OS has three home screen, the Symbian Bella has 5 home screens.
  • Notification Status Bar Dropdowns or Drawer: All the notification will be in one place all (e.g messages, missed calls, connectivity status (e.g bluetooth, wifi and mobile network))you need is to drop it down to see them all.
  • Flat Menu Structure: No folders anymore you could see all your application in just one tap in menu screen, easy to access.
  • Easy Share NFC Feature: NFC offers an easy way to share and connect without any wires or hassle. And it couldn’t be simpler. All you do is touch another NFC-enabled phone to share a great photo or video with a friend. You can also connect instantly to any loudspeakers or accessories supporting NFC, such as Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Just one tap and you’re connected.
  • Larger Visual Task Switcher: The task switcher now shows larger live images of running apps
  • New bundled Microsoft apps: including Lync (business IM, Microsoft Communicator’s successor), Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcaster.


Nokia Symbian Bella Devices Price Tag


The Symbian Bella Devices have EdoF (Extended Depth of Field camera) and hardware performance enhancement.

  • Nokia 701 – (center, above) physical features: Nokia 701 is all about style and performance. On the outside, the stainless steel finish with fine satin texture brings a high-quality look and feel. The super bright 3.5” ClearBlack display produces stunning picture quality from almost any angle, even if you’re outdoors. On the inside, there’s a powerful 1 GHz processor and 8 GB of internal memory – expandable up to 40 GB, which is same as the Nokia C7 hardware physical feature more fashionable. Suggested retail price is  €290 ($418)(17,785.90 PHP)
  • Nokia 700 –  (right, above) physical features: Nokia 700 not only fits comfortably into your palm, but also slips discreetly into your pocket or purse. From front to back it’s simply beautiful – brushed metal cover on one side and reflective glass on the other. Plus you get stunning picture 5 MP camera quality on the 3.2″ ClearBlack AMOLED display Gorilla Glass screen. Suggested retail price is €270 ($389)(16,551.95 PHP)
  • Nokia 601 –   (left, above) physical features: 3.2″ screen and 5 MP camera, Powerful Built in Speaker, built in FM antenna (no need to plug in headphones) and traditional LCD TFT technology rather than the ClearBlack AMOLED of the 700. Suggested retail price is €180 ($260)(11,052.60 PHP).

All three feature a new 1 Ghz processor (up from 680 Mhz) which is the fastest Symbian devices ever. faster (HSDPA Cat 10 – up to  14.4 MBps,) 3G radio, a graphics processor that’s up to four times faster rather than previous Symbian^3 phones and 512MB of RAM.

Nokia enhance their Symbian OS devices and also the Physical features in no time, also Nokia announce that is End of Life(term used with respect to a product supplied to customers, indicating that the product is in the end of its useful lifetime and a vendor will no longer be marketing, selling, orsustaining a particular product and may also be limiting or ending support for the product.) with no new devices in 2012, anyway the consumers  excited to have their hands. which is more fashionable and also clever features like the Andriod but the Android UI has a best innovation but Nokia keeping up to be in competition that put them on track in the mobile devices world.


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