Turtle Beach’s High-end and High-performance Headsets…


Turtle Beach Products, is  a totally awesome dude high-end gaming headset for xbox360, playstation3, pc gaming, nintendo and tournament series, of course they have a audio processors, sound cards and parts/accessories offered. one of the great review of engadget on their product is the Turtle Beach’s XP500 wireless headset for Xbox360. It’s essentially a PX5, featuring the same design and programmable Dobly virtual 7.1 goodness, but with a Microsoft loving green trim and a rechargeable Xbox 360 Bluetooth Chat Adapter—the latter plugs into your controller for some wireless chatting action.

The XP500 will cost $260—$10 more than the PX5—it will be release this fall, and the PX5 owners can just purchase the $30 Chat Adapter to enjoy the fun.

In addition, TB is also announcing the $30 XL1 as a replacement for your Xbox’s standard headset.


TurtleBeach XP500 aand XL1 Gallery.

For more product info and spec visit : http://www.turtlebeach.com/

Reference: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/07/turtle-beachs-xp500-headset-brings-totally-wireless-7-1-to-the/


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