iPhone 5: hands on preview

Most of the people are sitting, waiting, and wishing for the iPhone 5 to be liphone5 standby screenunch until this Fall, but lucky developers and eager tech bloggers are able to get in on the action right now. the engadget team just done downloading the 730MB BETA, and they have decided to turn their iPhone4 and iPad2 into guinea pigs for all the newness. there are over 200 new features updated OS that Apple says, and they run through the biggies from Notification Center to Twitter with a so-convenient split keyboard for you.

Complete and Excellent more robust notification scheme and a brand new messaging protocol.ipad-sidebyside

When you first power up the device, a option greeted to select your WiFi network, necessary step for all the cloud-related goodies and WiFi sync features that are now present in the OS. Once you’re online, you eventer your Apple ID. or if you don’t have you could sign up directly on the device you’re using. After that you get prompted on whether or not you’d like the use iCloud followed by an option to use the free Find My iPhone service. Finally, after deciding whether or not you’d like to share your usage stats with Apple or not, you’re up and running to “start using the most advanced iOS ever”-Apple.


Few Bites on iPhone5


Notification Center

ios-5-beta-eng-07When you get a notification, it pops in from the top with a different color so it’s not missed, and if not addressed it disappears with a rotating-cube transition. Looks remarkably like the MobileNotifier jailbreak app.


Notifications also love on the homescreen, it only appears when a new notification has appeared after the device has been locked. Meaning, if you get an email and don’t read it while you’re doing something else, notifications don’t show up on the homescreen. However, if you get one while the device is locked, all notifications appear and you’re given the option to swipe directly to any one of your choosing


In ranking of mobile-to-mobile instant messaging, Apple has taken the crown as a king

iMessage is integrated right into the Messages app on the iPhone, which is now present on the iPad for the first time. Apple touted the service’s ability to recognize when you’re messaging someone else eligible for iMessages, but it appears to be limited to e-mail addresses at this point in the BETA.

Delivery confirmation is turned on by default, if don’t like the thrill of the chase here is the other features, you could disable read receipts if you don’t want the person on the other end to know you’ve read it, they never will. By default, it works with your Apple ID e-mail address, but you can add as many as you’d like from the settings application after verifying that you do indeed own the account.

Messages are pushed to all devices you’re logged into, so you might want to get used to those push notifications if you carry around an iPad and an iPhone.

It is seems quite fast with iCloud integration and multiple devices



The rise of newspaper and magazine apps for the iPad–When iOS 5 launches in the fall, there will be a new section of the App Store for newspapers and magazines with subscriptions, It’s identical to the iBooks interface but uses a folder dropdown.



One of the rumor said that Twitter integration directly into iOS. It’s now possible to Tweet from within Apple’s native apps:websites in Safari, or photos in the Camera app. The “Tweet” button is located under the familiar sharing pane, and ticking it pops up the keyboard along with an overlay that resembles an index card, complete with ruled lines and a paper clip to visualize what you’re attaching. Geotagging is available through a simple tap of the “Add Location” option, and one more tap sends the tweet out to all your followers.



The keyboard adds dedicated @ and # keys when you’re tweeting, and autocompletes usernames to help you out. you can add multiple accounts from new Twitter option located in the Setting app. also another option to automatically link your contacts to their Twitter names.



Isn’t a unhappy news for the developers now that Apple has come through with its own first party solution for reminders on its i-devices. When you launch the app, you’ll see two screens: Task, and Completed. Adding a task is as simple as tapping the + button, and there are more options for reminders, due dates, and priority sorting. You can make other lists for specific tasks, and when complete they’ll automatically transfer over to the Completed list.


For the iPad version of the apps also make use of the extra screen real estate with a handy split view that lets you visualize on a monthly calendar. But the task weren’t syncing between your devices. Additionally,  if you set a reminder for a task, you’ll get a push notification.

Apple’s website mentions the ability to set reminders by location, according to engadget:  the BETA didn’t seem to have that functionality inside.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/wwdc-2011/apple-ios-5-hands-on-preview/


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