Onlive Gaming Console System goes Live and Brag


Introducing the onlive game system which you could instanly play, watch, demo, choose and share your game what you want…


play the games you want, the instant you want to play them.


you could be a spectator in other players game


No disc, do downloads. a free instanty free-drive any games free.


Keep gaming with 3-day, 5-day, or full play pass, which is savy for testing the game that seems quite interest you…


for those people who want to brag here is the feature the Record Brag Clip tm. videos with a touch of a button. you could share to your friends or everyone.

On the go.

if your away in your home tv, don’t worry you could play while your away via your PC or Mac.

How it is works?

  1. The MicroConsole tm. TV adapter connects to your TV and wired broadband.

2. Games are delivered instantly over the internet. you just play.


MicroConsole tm. TV adapter (unlimited gaming performance, suit for hard gamers)

-Powered by Onlive data centers- not local hardwares – so it’s always state-of-the-art.

-Power-on to game start as little as 15sec.

-Can Work on 4 Console at once

-Two USB ports for most current PC controllers, KeyBoards, and Mice.

-Bluetooth voice chat, surround sound over HDMI and optical audio

Onlive Wireless Controllers

Gamer-designed erogomics

-Low Fatigue Design with balance weight

-Precision control D-pad with roll action

-Variable-rate rumble

-Ultra low latency wireless

Media Controls

-Direct action buttons for live media

-One-touch Brag Clip tm. video recording

This Gaming console suit for new HTC flyer and other tablets…

With seamless integration with The Social Network, the user could launch games with Facebook and will let the user lunch games direcly from their profile pages. Added also with “Brag Clip” video uploads (“could shared greatest gaming hits”) and let your folks know when you start palying with link so they could either watch or join…

For other details of this interesting gaming console please visit this website @


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