eBitesBlog- OS Phones which is Popular?

Android, Badda, Blackberry(RIM), iOS, Symbian and Windows ”which is the best?”

-There are a lot of phones growing up in the market competition, from the simple style to the most elegant style, from the affordable to the really expensive ones, and also from the simple phones to smart phones….

But some people are not aware what OS(Operating System) of their phone they use: Well we know OS is an operating system (OS) software, consisting of data and programs that runs on computers, manages computer hardware resources, and provides common services for execution of various application software which are also applied to all kind of phones, except on the really old 1990’s or later mobile phone models…

There are various types of OS of cellphone manufactures (e.g Nokia, Samsung, LG, iPhone, Sony Ericson and others.)

Here is the list of the Smartphones OS:

.Android(Samsung, LG, SonyEricson, HTC, etc…)





But the question is, what is the most huge share smartphone OS in the Market?…

According to my Source(“Which is Google…”)

Smartphone_share_currentSource: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Smartphone_share_current.png)

In the first Place goes to…

Android got 33% sales (“that is the good reason why it is most affordable and cheap multimedia phone which tamed the apple in just a short length of time”)

Second place goes to…

Symbian got 31%(“the common OS been used mostly in asia”)

Third place goes to…

Apple got 16% sales(“it is because of their expensive charges and the phone, but excellent craftsmanship of Phone perfect for the multimedia conscious…”)

Fourth place goes to…

RIM(BlackBerry) got 14%(“Business smartphone and elegant black glossy look”)

Fifth place goes to….

Windows Mobile got 3%(“ The Microsoft goes mobile and had a office to go features…”)

And Last

Other 3%(“Some other OS been existed”)

Another Question is “What OS produce more apps especially the free apps?”

The answer is simple, Android mostly of the developers dedicated their time to developed most of the apps only for Android… but then some of the OS apps in other OS compatible like Symbian, iOS and RIM are free which is sometimes lots of debug to do and some doing for testing which is good for the developers what they need to do to improve their apps… but some apps have eprice tag whether it is android, symbian, and etc, so sure it is debug free will some cases…

Well for me the important is that I could use the device for my everyday life withered could be a iOS or Android and also communicate via  calls, text, or IM’s…


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